Real Estate Listing Photography Fees

The fees below apply only to limited-use real estate photography work. These fees do not apply to commercial work, please contact me for a quote instead.

Photography Rates

My fees are based on size of the home and time. Increased fees apply if more time is spent in the home for photographs per the client's request.

<4,000 sqft =$200 (up to 2 hours)

4,000+ sqft or commercial work = price varies

Additional time On-site (per client request) billed at $100/hour.

Aerial (Drone) Photography

I'm an FAA-licensed and insured sUAS (drone) pilot. I will ensure that your aerial photographs are taken safely, and more importantly, legally. Drone photography is discounted if added-on to an existing real estate photography shoot.

Add-on = $125 (8 photographs)

Standalone = $175 (8 photographs)

Additional Photographs = $15/each

One 360 degree photograph is provided for use on Facebook and other websites that support 360 degree photographs. I can host the photograph and create a shareable link for an additional $10.

Twilight Shoots

$150 (3 photographs), $250 (6 Photographs)

Twilight shoots take place in a 10-20 minute window when the light is perfect after sunset. I'll be onsite early to scout and plan the shots that will be taken, so when the time hits, I can execute to get the shots you need.

Other Services Available

Real Estate Video

$175 per 1,000 Square Feet

Video walk through of your listing using both drone/aerial shots and interior/exterior home shots. Set to licensed music if desired by client.

Standard 48-hour turnaround. Rush turnaround within 24 hours available for an additional $150. Additional fees for agent on camera videos.

Virtual Twilight


Achieve the twilight effect and save at least $25, and some time, compared a twilight shoot. Though not as good as a real twilight shoot, this is a cost-effective way to achieve the same effect for as many exterior photos as you'd like.

Virtual Staging


Spice up empty rooms by virtually adding furniture and decorations. This is a cost-effective way to stage your listings.

Virtual Staging Example

Video Examples

Agent on camera example 1

Agent on camera example 2


$125 (10 photo limit, $15/photo afterwards)

Occasionally, you may wish to have photographs taken again for any number of reasons including inclement weather or seasonal changes, clutter inside/outside of the home being removed, etc.

I will always work with you and will waive my reschedule fee due to significant inclement weather which will impact the quality of photos. However, I understand that real estate can be a time-sensitive business and will continue with shoots at your discretion to meet your needs. Re-shoot fees will apply in the case of inclement weather in which the agent decides to continue with the shoot despite warnings regarding image quality impacts from the photographer, should the agent subsequently wish to have additional photographs taken.

Complimentary Adjustments

I always add fire to fireplaces and landscape photos to blank TV screens to improve the mood of the photographs, free of charge. Photographs taken in cloudy weather will have a realistic blue sky added to all exterior photographs.